Using An Online Booking System For Your Yoga Classes
March 11, 2019
Taking Bookings For An Airsoft Centre
March 21, 2019

Upselling Booking Extras For Your Classes, Courses & Events

One of our most used features are booking extras. Originally as a custom feature one of our paintball clients wanted to offer a range of paid lunches for each of their customers, including paid and free options. We though it was such a great idea that we rolled it out as a standard feature for any schedule.

From Yoga Matts To Burgers To Event Merchandise

Any schedule can include a selection of booking extras which are payable or free of charge. As an example you may include yoga mats for a yoga class so you know how many matts are going to be required, or offer equipment and paint upgrades at a paintball site.

Adding Booking Extras To A Schedule

In the schedule section there is a tab labelled 'Booking Extras', simply create a booking extra with a name, description and price. This booking extra is then automatically added onto this schedule when the customer places a booking. All the extras you create are account wide so you can share different extras across different schedules.

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