Online Booking System For Paintball Companys

If your looking to take online bookings for your paintball company, BookPayDo has everything you need to run a successful online booking system.

Creating Your Booking Pages

If you offer different different paintball packages or offer additional activities such as airsoft, these activities and the dates associated can be assigned to your own unique booking pages. Each page has its own unique web address which you can match to your business ie or you can point any existing domain name to this address. You can put all your schedules on one booking page or create pages which are unique to that activity such as paintball or airsoft page.

Custom Branding

As well as each booking page having its own unique URL, you can customise the page to match the activities you offer includes adding a header image or logo, choosing the background colours or background image.

Activity Information

You can provide your customers with any information such as an introduction to the activities you offer you may offer, drop in video, images or any other links that may be of interest to your customers.

Footer Information

Small area to put any contact details including social media, emails address, telephone number etc.

Setting Up Your Activities

You can create as many activities as you need and associate them with a specific booking page. The activity information contains all the information such as tickets available, pricing, custom fields, booking extras. There is no limit on the number of activities you can create or associate to a booking page.

Tickets & Costs

  • Setup different ticket types such as members, non members, adults, children etc.
  • Specify amount of tickets available and maximum tickets bookable per booking
  • Collect additional ticket information or just the main attendees details.

Custom Booking Fields

Collect any booking information from your attendees
  • Text boxes for specific information.
  • Text areas for information that may be more than a text box.
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons for yes or no options
  • Menus for lists of information

Booking Extras

You can up-sell or offer any additional products to a specific activity such as lunches, upgrades, course material etc. These can be chargeable or offered for free

Take Payments Online

Any activity can include online payments
  • Full Payments
  • Part Payments by amount or percentage

Booking Attachments

Attach any activity documents to a particular booking such as insurance waivers or activity material

Publishing Your Dates

You can create or add dates to any activity. Dates can be added individually or set to repeat by the minute, hour, weekly, monthly or yearly. For example you could set your activities to run from 5th January to 30th July, every two weeks on a Saturday.
  • Recuring dates by the minute
  • Hourly
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Pay As You Go Pricing - No Monthly Fees Or Hidden Costs

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